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security guard company car

The first crime deterrent for an armed private security guard or security patrol service is a highly visible marked patrol car that gains respect.


  • We feel that the Tulsa security guard company patrol vehicle should itself provide a degree of deterrence to criminal activity by its appearance. The patrol vehicle is the first thing people see and is the single best tool that any courtesy patrol must have in order to deter criminal activity. 

  • Our cars get great reviews from Law Enforcement. Each  vehicle that patrols the downtown Tulsa area is highly marked with reflective graphics and travels properties throughout the night with amber overhead flashing lights so that there is no mistake we are on property. Gone are the days when a plain white car marked with bold 'SECURITY" letters provides as an effective deterrent. That style of patrol vehicle no longer gains the respect of criminals.

  • Each of our cars are equipped with a radio that allows us to monitor police traffic. The radio is an effective tool which allows us to hear when Police are called to an apartment property or business.

security guard company uniform

      James Dodson, Director Tulsa Security Task Force


  • Residents, clients, and staff members don't want to see Courtesy Patrol Officers overly dressed in highly tactical garments and gear. Uniforms can be an effective deterrent but also need to promote a sense that an officer is approachable and listens to concerns all times.

  • Our armed Tulsa private security guards wear a polo style shirt with an under-shirt type bullet resistant vest for their protection.

  • We offer both armed and unarmed private security guards.

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