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  • Our Tulsa Security Company Founder/Director, James Dodson, received an Associate degree in Law Enforcement from Navarro College, and a bachelor's degree in Law Enforcement Police Science from Sam Houston State University.

  • James' Law Enforcement career includes that of United States Army Military Police Officer and Civilian Law Enforcement experience in North Central Texas. Military Police experience is an excellent training ground for civilian private security guard careers. To learn more about U.S. Army Military Police and the career paths you can visit:


  • In addition, James worked for the State of Texas Department of Criminal Justice in the state's notorious Coffield Maximum Security Prison, which houses over 4,000 first offender felons. Duties at the prison included being a member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (abbreviated CERT or CRT), which is a team of specially trained prison officers tasked with responding to disturbances, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, armed security escorts or other situations in prisons that are likely to involve uncooperative or violent prisoners.



















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Army security police vehicle
maximum security prison
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  • Outside of the Law Enforcement, Tulsa Security Patrol and Security Intelligence arena, James also worked for Kmart Corporation as Regional District Operations Manager for several years managing the highest volume sales region in the U.S. (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Northeast New Mexico), while overseeing over 5,200 associates.


  • Contributing members to Tulsa Security Task Force Security Company and Intelligence Agency have completed United States Government FEMA Active Shooter courses, National Incident Management Command Systems and Basic Workplace Security Awareness. Other accomplishments by some members include being an Oklahoma certified CLEET instructor, member of Northeast District of Oklahoma Violent Offender Task Force, member of American Police and Work Dog Association and other related assignments. Our Tulsa security guard service is loaded with experience and talent! As a team our members have a vastly greater amount of experience than other security companies in Tulsa!


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