We provide many armed security services to downtown and metro Tulsa, Ok. Services include vehicle and foot patrols to Auto Dealerships, Retail Strip Centers, Apartment Properties, Industrial Parks, Office Parks, Business Districts and more..

Hiring a Security Guard or Security Patrol company in Tulsa has never been more affordable!


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 Reducing liability and protecting the assets of our clients is instilled into everything we do!


  • We provide multiple armed security patrols via vehicle and foot patrol to each property 

  • Yes! We get out of our vehicles and talk to people where others don't.

  • Inbound service calls come straight to our cell phones.                            .


  • Instant on scene email reporting as incidents occur. No more waiting on reports!


  • Vacant unit checks of apartments on Mondays and Fridays upon request.

  • Fastest resolution to noise complaints in the Tulsa area using our exclusive method. Most noise complaints resolved within 10 minutes!

  • Resolve disturbances that might occur on property.

  • Lighting inspections and marking of non-functioning lights on property. Our method allows for identification of non-functioning lights at all times of the day or night.

  • Wrecker tags applied to vehicles with no tag, parked in handicap, fire lane as observed/requested.

  • Laundry and pool locking as part of our armed security services.


  • Background and warrant checks upon request 7 days per week

  • Issue no trespass warnings and remove banned subjects.

  • Remove homeless from apartment properties and private businesses.

  • Speed detection checks on private property.

  • Alarm response

  • We work closely with Tulsa Police and involve as needed.

  • High visibility roving patrol vehicles with highly reflective decals.

  • Members bonded. Agency licensed and insured (including workers comp).

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We have great state of the art tools such as this FLIR Thermal device to help spot people outside at night!

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Private property speed detection checks are performed as part of our security patrol services

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24 hour tip line for residents 365 days per year!

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Our contract is month to month auto renew with 30 day notice required for cancellation

We understand the implications of negative media and work hard to keep our properties out of the media

    Up To 6 of our signs provided with service. Great for display in problem areas of property!

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Dummy cameras or real camera..can you tell? They can't either! We supply some of these at no cost!