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  • Voted as one of Tulsa's best security guard services, we are centrally located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa Security Task Force originally formed as "Central U.S. Missing Persons Task Force" in 2015. We brought our law enforcement experience and began working side by side with local detectives and families in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas attempting to locate missing persons suspected of being deceased. Even though we stay busy with our security services we still make time to assist with missing persons thanks to the help of K-9 Mamba, which is trained as a HRD K-9(human remains detection).

  • You can see us in our earliest days working with Tulsa Police Homicide on the A&E Network television crime series "The First 48", season 17, episode 20. The episode features the case of a missing Tulsa woman, Samantha Puckett, who was believed murdered by her boyfriend. Samantha's remains were found near a park on February 23, 2021 after 3 years of search efforts. The video below shows a brief news clip regarding Samantha's disappearance. 



  • In 2017, we expanded our efforts to include our privately and locally owned and operated Tulsa Security Task Force armed security guard patrol service, which served a few apartment property clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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  • In 2021, Tulsa Security Task Force is one of the premier armed private security guard services in the State of Oklahoma and offers a fresh new approach to security patrol. We have grown to serve a client base of multi-family properties, business districts, industrial areas, cannabis dispensaries and retail centers with a primary focus of providing responsive, affordable, and effective patrol services that any business can afford.

  • Within the apartment environment, we spend significant time on each property working towards keeping homeless people from loitering on our properties. People loitering on property devalue our properties and cost investors profit due to tenants moving out when homeless invade properties and threaten the security and safety of families.  We provide a flyer with available shelter and other resources for the homeless we encounter on our properties.


  • Our state-of-the-art innovative armed security patrol service including both vehicle and foot patrol areas are Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Collinsville and Broken Arrow areas of Oklahoma.

  • Over 80+ years of combined experience in law enforcement and armed private security allows us to see security patrol-courtesy patrol through the eyes of not only our valued clients, but also have a great understanding of the local laws and court system. Our proven methods and unique style offer our clients a fresh new approach to security patrol that exceeds the ineffective old way style of doing things that much of our competition continues to utilize.

  • We work closely with local police within each of the areas we serve.

Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin giving an update on some of the increasing categories of crime within the city of Tulsa. The city's crime rate has a direct impact on the need for security services within Tulsa and surrounding areas.
Less than 10% of security companies in Oklahoma are BBB accredited. We are one of those making the cut to be accredited and "A" rated!
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Tulsa Security Employment

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