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  • Thank you Tulsa, for voting us as one of the top Tulsa security companies and Tulsa security guard services that are local veteran owned! Tulsa Security Task Force is centrally located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our security guard services and security patrol operation runs 24 hours per day to all zip codes within the Tulsa area. Our local Tulsa security company provides patrols and fast response with armed security guards to Tulsa businesses located in North Tulsa, Eastside Tulsa, and all other areas of Tulsa. A Google search of "security companies Tulsa OK near me" often shows us as the first result on google. Even though our armed Tulsa security services team stays busy, we still make time to assist with missing persons thanks to the help of K-9 Mamba, which is trained as an HRD K-9(human remains detection) and still rides along with us on some of our security patrol services. When anyone searches "security companies near me", we are the only security guard agency that comes up in results that has a K-9 on their team!



  • Before initiating our local private security company and security services Tulsa Oklahoma, you can see us in our earliest days assisting Tulsa Police Homicide on the A&E Network television crime series "The First 48", season 17, episode 21. The episode features the case of a missing Tulsa woman, Samantha Puckett, who was believed killed by her boyfriend. Samantha's remains were found near a park on February 23, 2021, after 3 years of search efforts.

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  • Our private armed guards and mobile security patrol company in Tulsa works closely with Tulsa police within each of the communities we serve. Our security service proudly supports the Tulsa Police Department! The Tulsa Police Department is always there for us and we greatly appreciate their response time and support. The department has many officers considered experts in their assigned areas.

Above is a video of Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Chief Wendell Franklin giving an update on some of the increasing categories of crime within the city of Tulsa. The city's crime rate has a direct impact on the need for good quality and good value Tulsa security services and business security companies Tulsa OK.
  • Be sure to check out our new Tulsa Security Task Force blog page to keep up with our security company news and security guard hiring opportunities. Many security companies are hiring!
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  James Dodson Founder/Director Tulsa Security Task Force

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  • In 2023, Tulsa Security Task Force is one of the premier local Tulsa security companies, armed security service and patrol services that operates 24/7!  Our security company offers a fresh and responsive approach to security patrol within the local communities. Clients tell us that we have one of the most effective private security patrol businesses they have used. The fact of the best home security systems and best business security systems is to have a great security patrol service! With our local central location, we are often the closest security company. Our security guard services are now operating throughout the Tulsa area including East Tulsa, Downtown Tulsa, North Tulsa, Midtown Tulsa, South Tulsa and West Tulsa. We have grown to serve a customer base of various client types and businesses. Our focus is to provide responsive, affordable and effective private security services in Tulsa that any business can afford. Watching for suspicious activity and asset protection is our top priority.

  • Professionalism always! Our security guard service organization was named as best of security companies and courtesy patrol companies in Tulsa OK and best of armed guard security services companies for a reason. We are a full-service and well-trained private security operation providing physical security services through the use of off duty police officers, security guards and security patrol. We are always involved in ongoing security guard training of our security officers. Upon request we can provide special operations. Our Tulsa security company officers use the latest in modern technology, security equipment, and solutions while performing security patrol services to all business types within the Tulsa area. Our security services business operates 365 days per year. Many private security companies only provide limited services. No project is too big or small for our security agency! Our team uses many tools such as dummy security cameras, live thermal detection, free security signing, and others. We also provide alarm monitoring and respond to alarms. Our 24-hour guard service can provide a custom security plan specific to individual clients needs! All of our officers carry firearms and wear an armored vest with their uniforms. Each has to quailify with the firearm they carry on duty as mandated by the State of Oklahoma to perform security duties as a private security officer. All have a security guard license and are bonded in addition to their police department required certification and related functions. Each officer also has completed a fingerprint card and a local, state and federal background check

  • Our Tulsa security guard company spends significant time performing mobile patrols in the Tulsa Metro and downtown areas keeping homeless people from loitering on our sites. Video surveillance by businesses using cameras does help some, but there is no replacement for effective vehicle and foot patrols by uniformed armed security personnel! People loitering devalue businesses and cost investors profit due to tenants moving out when the homeless invade a property and threaten the security and safety of families. Information on available shelter and other resources are given to each of the homeless we encounter on our routes. Unfortunately, the number of homeless people continues to grow within the city of Tulsa.

  • Although apartment security and courtesy patrol is a significant portion of our armed security patrol services and security guard service in the Tulsa area, our team also provides commercial security guard services and armed escort to many industries and includes some of Tulsa's greatest businesses and business districts. Our team of protection officers are very honored to be awarded the contract to perform security guard services for the Kendall Whittier Business District. This district won the national award for revitalization in 2020.


  • Guarding, preventing vandalism, and loss prevention within Tulsa zip codes 74103, 74104, 74105, 74106, 74110, 74112, 74115, 74119, 74120, 74128, 74129, 74145, 74146, 74147, 74110, 74115 and 74135 is non stop. The zip codes listed are only a handful of the many zip codes in Tulsa and surrounding areas that our security service patrols. When someone searches Google for terms such as "private security companies near me", "security companies near me", security companies Tulsa OK", "top security companies", or "security guard companies near me" they likely will notice our listing because we serve all of Tulsa including areas near the Tulsa Day Center in Downtown Tulsa! Our state-of-the-art armed or unarmed local Tulsa security services company conducts security patrol services to all zip codes within Tulsa, Oklahoma. We currently also provide contract security and executive security to Owasso, OK 74055. Also, armed security guard patrol services to gated properties or premise, protection services, security alarm service, security patrol to construction sites, and security escort services. Our primary goal is to deter crime and vandalism before it occurs! We have many security solutions to acheive this.

  • Our Tulsa security company personnel have over 80+ years of combined experience in law enforcement, security patrol, military police, and armed security guard services. This allows our employees to see security patrol-courtesy patrol through the eyes of not only our valued clients, but also have a great understanding of the local laws and court system. Our proven methods and unique style offer our clients a new approach to security patrol that exceeds the ineffective old style way of doing things that much of our competition continues to utilize. Customer service and being efficient is a top priority and our customers give us great reviews. Our staff is always willing to help in any way that we can!

  • A list of our security company in Tulsa services can be found on our "services" page. We provide many services including but not limited to patrolling, executive protection, bodyguard services, securing warehouses, commercial security, residential security, construction site security, industrial security, vacant or occupied building security, retail security, corporate security, and event security and responding to security emergencies. We can enforce/provide mall security, access control and fire watch by request.



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Less than 5% of professional armed security guard services and security companies Tulsa OK are BBB accredited with "A+" rating. Our security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is rated "A+" by the BBB!

Our security service clients are always listed as additional insured on our Certificate of Liability Documents

100% satisfaction is our goal for our customers! We strive to be one of the best security companies in Tulsa!

FAQ: What does the term armed private security companies mean?

Definition: Private security usually refers to the nongovernmental protecting of people, property, and information, conducting investigations, and safeguarding an organization's assets.

Veteran owned security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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All Tulsa security services career inquiries, including resumes, should be sent via email to the address on our contact us page. Phone inquiries regarding qualification info and employment with our security guard company will not be accepted.

There are some great professional security industry patrol service opportunities in the Tulsa market. Check out today or call to speak to their security consultant to see if your security officer experience and education qualifications matches up with opportunities for any of the Tulsa Metro local security companies or security firms. Many likely have a security guard job waiting for you if qualified, or after a short training program. Many are ready to hire a security guard almost immediately. You can find out how to become a security guard from recruiting department perhaps? You likely will find that both armed and unarmed security jobs/positions exist with many companies. Some of the uniformed security guard companies offer security training/job-training for new officers. Firearms training is a must! Security guard jobs/security officer jobs are available nationally for top candidates. Temporary security is also an option. Advanced positions such as security consulting, security investigative services, security detective, and security supervision become available after several years of experience. Almost all security guard services are willing to discuss their training course openly. However, all will require a guard card issued by the state before employment. most require a high school diploma at minimum. Did you know that the federal government will hire security guards/armed security officers too? Government security is a huge business. There's also a need for Airport security guards and even school security. The possibilities are endless! Need info on how to become an armed security officer, get a security license, or get involved in protective services? Email us today!

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